Benaroya Publishing at New York Comic Con – Artist Alley S12-14

October 14, 2011



If you’re going to New York Comic Con, you can get all of the latest, as well as exclusives, from Benaroya Publishing.

Simply go to Artist Alley booth area S12-14

Red Spike’s Jeff Cahn, Samurai’s Blood’s Owen Wiseman and Nam Kim, as well as Marksmen’s David Baxter will on hand to sign copies. We’ll have Samurai’s Blood #5 a week before it’s release and exclusives variant editions of Red Spike #2, Marksmen #2 and Samurai’s Blood #1 and #2.

We’ll also have exclusive posters for two upcoming titles, Redeemer and Blood Merchant


Comics Bulletin talks to EiC Dave Elliott

May 30, 2011

From one Editor in Chief to another Editor in Chief, Comics Bulletin‘s EiC Jason Sacks sits down with our very own EiC Dave Elliott to talk Benaroya Comics!

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