February 14, 2012

Read for FREE the first chapter of what Comic Buzz calls A home run! Issue #6 goes on sale in March and the paperback collection in April, featuring extras such as a a never-before-seen 4-page illustrated introduction and an epilogue from 5 time Hugo Award winning science fiction novelist Vernor Vinge.



January 13, 2012


Image Comics Collects The 6-Issue Sci-Fi Miniseries

Image Comics is proud to announce the May release of MARKSMEN VOL. 1 TP, written by David Baxter, illustrated by Javier Aranda (Star Trek: The Next Generation: Ghosts) and Garry Leach (Judge Dredd, Marvelman), co-created and edited by Dave Elliott and produced by Benaroya Publishing. MARKSMEN VOL. 1 TP collects issues #1-6 of the sold out miniseries and will include a never-before-seen 4-page illustrated introduction to the world of MARKSMEN, an epilogue from 5 time Hugo Award winning science fiction novelist Vernor Vinge and extras such as a gallery page of covers by acclaimed artist Tomm Coker (Daredevil:Noir, Undying Love).
Based on real life economic hardships, MARKSMEN takes place in dystopian world just one step removed from our own. After a massive recession, the United States government collapsed and a civil war erupted between the cities and states to keep any last resources to themselves. This destroyed our country’s infrastructure and most of its population…the Big Collapse.
Out of the ashes rose New San Diego, one a few cities that survived by cutting itself off from the outside world. Rebuilt by a group of top scientists and protected by the Navy Seals stationed at the Coronado Navel Base, NSD became a technological utopia. After sixty years war threatens to break out again when another state attempts to occupy the city, seizing their resources.Their only hope for survive rests with the ancestors of the Navy Seals who protect the city as… MARKSMEN.
Rave reviews for MARKSMEN include:
“9.0 out of 10”Impulse Gamer
The action is solid, and the story adds layers to the already interesting original concept as it progresses.Geeks of Doom
“A home run.”Comic Buzz
“David Baxter is mashing together two distinct genres – science fiction and westerns – and does a great job of blending them together.”First Comic News
Javier Aranda’s art with Garry Leach’s inks work well for this book. They do an excellent job in making the story move.”My Comic Network
The dialog is snappy, the action is poppin’, and things are looking grim all over.“ – Sequential Tart
“The characters are full of life and they will draw you into this story.”Jazma Online
MARKSMEN VOL. 1 TP  (JAN120525, ISBN: 978-1-60706-486-2), a 192-page full-color trade paperback, will be on sale in stores May 2nd, 2012 for $15.99 and is available to order in the January 2012 edition of Previews. For more information, please

New Wallpapers for Red Spike, Samurai’s Blood and Marksmen

November 3, 2011


For wallpaper images of Red Spike, Samurai’s Blood and Marksmen, simply go to and check out the photos section.

At Benaroya Publishing on Facebook, you’ll also find the latest previews, reviews and interviews.


Benaroya Publishing is now on Youtube!

October 25, 2011


Want all the latest video reviews and interviews for titles such as Red Spike, Samurai’s Blood and Marksmen? Well, now you can go to and get it all as well as exclusive interviews with our writers, creators and artists.

See part 1 of our exclusive interview with Marksmen writer, David Baxter!

Benaroya Publishing at New York Comic Con – Artist Alley S12-14

October 14, 2011



If you’re going to New York Comic Con, you can get all of the latest, as well as exclusives, from Benaroya Publishing.

Simply go to Artist Alley booth area S12-14

Red Spike’s Jeff Cahn, Samurai’s Blood’s Owen Wiseman and Nam Kim, as well as Marksmen’s David Baxter will on hand to sign copies. We’ll have Samurai’s Blood #5 a week before it’s release and exclusives variant editions of Red Spike #2, Marksmen #2 and Samurai’s Blood #1 and #2.

We’ll also have exclusive posters for two upcoming titles, Redeemer and Blood Merchant



October 7, 2011


Jim Hanley’s Universe is offering comic fans a warm up for the New York Comic Con festivities with a huge signing event featuring a variety of creators from a selection of innovative titles. On October 12th, the day before NYCC, Mark Texeira (Red Spike, Wolverine), Ben McCool (Pigs, Choker), Nathan Edmondson (Who is Jake Ellis?), Chris Houghton (Reed Gunther), Shane Houghton (Reed Gunther), Edwin Huang (Skullkickers), Richard Starkings (Elephantmen), Charles Soule (Twenty Seven), Jeff Cahn (Red Spike), Owen Wiseman (Samurai’s Blood), David Baxter (Marksmen), Chris Giarrusso (G-Man) and more will be on hand to sign copies of their latest comics books. The first 50 people to buy a comic from any of the attending creators will receive a FREE copy of the September 2011 edition of HEAVY METAL magazine. We’ll have drinks and snacks available on hand and plan to party down with our diverse lineup of personalities. 

The Jim Hanley’s Universe Creator MEGA Event will take place in New York City at Jim Hanley’s Universe on October 12th, 2011 starting at 6:30 P.M. at 4 West 33rd St., across from the Empire State Building. For more information, please call (212) 268-7088.

About Jim Hanley’s Universe
Since 1985, Jim Hanley’s Universe has been America’s best and most progressive comic book store. At Jim Hanley’s Universe, we work extra hard to stock the full range of comic titles and related merchandise that is available today.

We carry comics from Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse, IDW, Dynamite, Avatar, BOOM, Oni, Fantagraphics, Drawn & Quarterly, Pantheon, 2000AD, Picturebox, Viz, Del Rey, Tokyopop, and more! We carry kids comics, international comics, literary comics, mature-readers titles, Manga, graphic novels, small press indies, zines and mini-comics, and more! We have an extensive back issue collection, and we also carry statues, collectibles, action figures, apparel, DVDs, trading cards, books, comics and gaming supplies and more!

For more Info, check out:
or Contact:
(212) 268-7088

Benaroya Publishing’s Comics Available on Comixology

September 27, 2011

Benaroya Publishing is proud to announce that Red Spike, Samurai’s Blood and Marksmen are available as digital comics though Comixology, both on their website and through the Image Comics’ digital app.

Whether you’re an avid digital comics reader or a fan unable to find copies at their local comic store, you can easily have Red Spike, Samurai’s Blood and Marksmen available on your home computer or portable iDevice. Each comic costs $1.99 and you can download a FREE preview of Red Spike #1 and Samurai’s Blood #1.

For copies of Red Spike, Click Here

For copies of Samurai’s Blood, Click Here

For copies of Marksmen, Click Here

The World of “MARKSMEN”: How did we get here…

June 10, 2011

After decades of recession caused by increasingly polarized political factions of the left and right, states that had the most resources seceded in order to survive economically. A civil war broke out that devastated the country’s physical and economic infrastructure and the government collapsed. The destruction of the United States economy sent the US and the rest of the world spiraling into the Big Collapse. Twenty years later, civilization has effectively disappeared except for survivors in those cities that found a way to sustain themselves without outside resources.

One such city, New San Diego, survived by means of an alliance between the navel military stationed in and near the city and the corporate and academic scientists who were confident they only needed time to make the city self sufficient. The early years were filled with chaos and battle as the military fended off gangs from the North and remnants of the Mexican drug cartels from the South.

Eventually, the scientists found a way to power their city, desalinize all the water they needed and feed the populace almost entirely from the ocean. All the inhabitants of NSD were connected by means of Shades, a device that connects everyone in the city via instant social networking and overlays an Augmented Reality over everything people see. The Shades also record everything that is viewed through them and thus have become an invaluable security tool for law enforcement and city security. Most everyone has accepted the “Big Brother” like loss of privacy in exchange for their safety but there are still some individuals who feel uncomfortable with this and use the Shades only when they must.

This includes…DRAKE McCOY, the city’s most decorated Markman, a member of the elite fighting force that defends the city. Drake, a loner, has never fit in with the ubiquitously networked lifestyle of the city and for that reason he has volunteered for as much RECON duty as his commanders will allow him to take. His exploration has never taken him too far from the city but he has been fascinated by other cities that survived the Big Collapse. He’s an adventurer at heart and yearns to see the world or what’s left of it.

Comics Bulletin talks to EiC Dave Elliott

May 30, 2011

From one Editor in Chief to another Editor in Chief, Comics Bulletin‘s EiC Jason Sacks sits down with our very own EiC Dave Elliott to talk Benaroya Comics!

Head on over to Comics Bulletin now and check out this great interview!





Welcome to the world of Marksmen

April 28, 2011

Image Comics and Benaroya Publishing Offer $1 Debut Issue of Marksmen

Berkeley, CA – 26 April 2011 – The battle for New San Diego will begin this July for just $1 when Image Comics and Benaroya Publishing introduce MARKSMEN! This new six-issue miniseries will feature the action-packed story of Dave Baxter, an acclaimed new writer/producer who is making his comics debut with such experienced comic book artists as Javiar Aranda (Star Trek), Garry Leach (Marvelman), and Tomm Coker (UNDYING LOVE).

MARKSMEN begins sixty years after the nation’s oil supply has finally run out and debts have been called in, resulting in a civil war that has splintered America into warring fiefdoms. New San Diego is a technocratic utopia that offers the last bastion of peace and prosperity, provided you live within its walls. Drake McCoy is its best protector. McCoy, an expert marksman, defends the city from the numerous threats in the wasteland outside the walls. But when the oil rich Lone Star state sends a powerful army to steal New San Diego’s energy technology, even Drake’s leadership and skill may not be enough to fend off the siege.

This action-packed series contrasts the classic taste of a western against the harsh backdrop of a post-apocalyptic future. With the first issue debuting just in time for San Diego Comic Con, including a SDCC exclusive variant cover, this is one comic you won’t want to miss! Watch as San Diego experiences a battle the likes of which you could never have imagined.

MARKSMEN #1 (MAY110435) is a 32 page full color action adventure comic book that will hit stores on July 20th with the low cover price of just $1!