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February 14, 2012

If you haven’t check out Red Spike, now is the perfect time. Red Spike Vol1 Paperback goes on sale March 7th and Benaroya is giving you the first chapter of the 5-issue miseries for free. See what Comics Bulletin calls compelling and says “reads like a Summer movie blockbuster!”



February 1, 2012

Red Spike TPB cover

Image Comics Collects The 5-Issue Super Soldier Miniseries
Image Comics is proud to announce the March release of RED SPIKE VOL. 1 TP, written by Jeff Cahn, illustrated by Mark Texeira (Wolverine, Punisher) and Salvador Navarro, edited by Dave Elliott and produced by Benaroya Publishing. RED SPIKE VOL. 1 TP collects issues #1-5 of the sold out miniseries and will include extras such as a gallery page of covers by veteran artist Mark Texeira and the diaries of Doctor Fairfield, creator of the Red Spike program.
70 years ago, the world began its race to create the first Super Soldier. In 2011, the United States succeeded… twice. Project Red Spike discovered that through the manipulation and regulation of the adrenal glands the super soldier was no longer just a dream.
The world of RED SPIKE involves soldiers Matt Cutler and Greg Dane, the first to survive the Project Red Spike program. They have been proven on the field to be everything that was wanting in the program. Unfortunately, an upgrade to Greg’s implant goes array and now it’s up to Matt to chase down his friend before he hurts himself, the city and the tax payers who funded their creation. But as the friends begin their very public battle in heart of Washington, DC, twisted and sinister secrets begin to emerge from within the Red Spike program. Can both soldiers survive or are their deaths a necessary measure to secure the program’s secrecy?
The critics have raved about RED SPIKE:
“If you like a good story with a bit of mystery and intrigue, combined with good action and solid characters, then Red Spike is one I would recommend.”My Comic Network
“The best part is that it’s not a mindless action story, there’s actually very well thought out plot devices and an underlining mystery.”Player Affinity
“It reads like a summer movie blockbuster.”Comics Bulletin
“I’m extremely interested in seeing what Cahn and the artists have in store for the future of Red Spike.”Comic Booked
RED SPIKE VOL. 1 TP  (NOV110411, ISBN: 978-1-60706-487-9), a 144-page full-color trade paperback, will be on sale in stores March 7th, 2012 for $12.99 and is available to order in the November 2011 edition of Previews. For more information, please visit
After graduating from Pomona College, Jeff Cahn returned to his hometown of New Orleans, where he interned on the set of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button for Digital Domain’s Oscar winning visual effects team. Once the shoot wrapped, he returned to Los Angeles and now works at Benaroya Pictures and Publishing as a story developer and writer of both screen and comics.
Mark Texeira is a born n’ raised New Yorker. Mark began honing his art from a young age, attending the Manhattan High School of Art and Design. After graduating, Mark was awarded a Presidential Scholarship at the School of Visual Arts, which he attended for two years before dropping out to pursue a professional freelance commercial art career. It was during this time that Mark attended classes at the Art Students League of New York, exploring new ways to create life in art. Winning mentions at the Salmagundi Club and The Society of Illustrators kicked off Mark’s work throughout the entertainment world. Mark is best known for his work on WOLVERINE, PUNISHER, VAMPIRELLA, and now, RED SPIKE.
Salvador Navarro was born in Málaga, Spain in the summer of 1969. Being an artist was in the cards for Salvador . …but learning to pencil came later. In 2009, after several submissions, Salvador published his first book TALES OF WONDERLAND: TWEEDLE DEE AND TWEEDLE DUM with Zenescope Entertainment. Salvador went on to work WARD SIX with Kickstart, and is now the artist on RED SPIKE.
Founded by Michael Benaroya in 2009, Benaroya Publishing is a comic book and graphic novel production company dedicated to thrilling and compelling storytelling. A subsidiary of Benaroya Pictures, Benaroya Publishing is based in Los Angeles, California and launches their debut titles this Spring under the Image Comics label. With David Elliott (FALL OUT TOY WORKS and co-founder of RADICAL PUBLISHING) at the helm as in-house Editor-in-Chief, Benaroya Publishing promises to bring fresh new ideas, and uniquely told stories to the comics literary world. For more information, visit

Red Spike Trade Paperback available March 14th, 2012!

November 4, 2011

Available for pre-order, Red Spike TP: Vol1 will be on sale March 14th, 2012. Make sure your local book store or comic store orders your copy. This paperback collects Red Spike #1-5 and includes special never-before-seen extras.



story by JEFF CAHN

Diamond Order Code: NOV110411
ISBN-13: 978-1-60706-487-9
Release Date: March 14th, 2012
Publisher: Image Comics
Format: Trade Paperback
Price: $12.99
Page Count: 144

70 years ago, the world began its race to create the first Super Soldier. In 2011, the United States succeeded… twice. Project Red Spike discovered that through the manipulation and regulation of the adrenal glands the super soldier was no longer just a dream. Matt Cutler and Greg Dane, the first to survive the process, have been proven on the field to be everything that was wanting in the program. Unfortunately, an upgrade to Greg’s implant goes array and now it’s up to Matt to chase down his friend before he hurts himself, the city and the tax payers who funded their creation. But as the friends begin their very public battle in heart of Washington D.C., twisted and sinister secrets begin to emerge from within the Red Spike program. Can both soldiers survive or are their deaths a necessary measure to secure the program’s secrecy?

New Wallpapers for Red Spike, Samurai’s Blood and Marksmen

November 3, 2011


For wallpaper images of Red Spike, Samurai’s Blood and Marksmen, simply go to and check out the photos section.

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Benaroya Publishing is now on Youtube!

October 25, 2011


Want all the latest video reviews and interviews for titles such as Red Spike, Samurai’s Blood and Marksmen? Well, now you can go to and get it all as well as exclusive interviews with our writers, creators and artists.

See part 1 of our exclusive interview with Red Spike writer, Jeff Cahn!

Benaroya Publishing at New York Comic Con – Artist Alley S12-14

October 14, 2011



If you’re going to New York Comic Con, you can get all of the latest, as well as exclusives, from Benaroya Publishing.

Simply go to Artist Alley booth area S12-14

Red Spike’s Jeff Cahn, Samurai’s Blood’s Owen Wiseman and Nam Kim, as well as Marksmen’s David Baxter will on hand to sign copies. We’ll have Samurai’s Blood #5 a week before it’s release and exclusives variant editions of Red Spike #2, Marksmen #2 and Samurai’s Blood #1 and #2.

We’ll also have exclusive posters for two upcoming titles, Redeemer and Blood Merchant



October 7, 2011


Jim Hanley’s Universe is offering comic fans a warm up for the New York Comic Con festivities with a huge signing event featuring a variety of creators from a selection of innovative titles. On October 12th, the day before NYCC, Mark Texeira (Red Spike, Wolverine), Ben McCool (Pigs, Choker), Nathan Edmondson (Who is Jake Ellis?), Chris Houghton (Reed Gunther), Shane Houghton (Reed Gunther), Edwin Huang (Skullkickers), Richard Starkings (Elephantmen), Charles Soule (Twenty Seven), Jeff Cahn (Red Spike), Owen Wiseman (Samurai’s Blood), David Baxter (Marksmen), Chris Giarrusso (G-Man) and more will be on hand to sign copies of their latest comics books. The first 50 people to buy a comic from any of the attending creators will receive a FREE copy of the September 2011 edition of HEAVY METAL magazine. We’ll have drinks and snacks available on hand and plan to party down with our diverse lineup of personalities. 

The Jim Hanley’s Universe Creator MEGA Event will take place in New York City at Jim Hanley’s Universe on October 12th, 2011 starting at 6:30 P.M. at 4 West 33rd St., across from the Empire State Building. For more information, please call (212) 268-7088.

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Benaroya Publishing’s Comics Available on Comixology

September 27, 2011

Benaroya Publishing is proud to announce that Red Spike, Samurai’s Blood and Marksmen are available as digital comics though Comixology, both on their website and through the Image Comics’ digital app.

Whether you’re an avid digital comics reader or a fan unable to find copies at their local comic store, you can easily have Red Spike, Samurai’s Blood and Marksmen available on your home computer or portable iDevice. Each comic costs $1.99 and you can download a FREE preview of Red Spike #1 and Samurai’s Blood #1.

For copies of Red Spike, Click Here

For copies of Samurai’s Blood, Click Here

For copies of Marksmen, Click Here

.Jeff’s Explorations in Project Red Spike.

June 15, 2011

[Begin Transmission…]

Another thing I wanted to explore was the idea of truth and following orders and how those two things interact with one another. I was a senior in high school when 9-11 happened, and a freshman in college when we invaded Iraq, and both of these events really shaped the way I view politics and the politics of war. I’ve given a lot of thought to those events and to how America responded to them, both from the point of view of large, intractable government institutions and from the point of view of the individual. While I don’t want to get overly political, I do think that America had blinders on in the run up to the Iraq invasion. I only mention this because I see parallels between the way information was processed or suppressed in that instance and the way that it is by some members of Red Spike.

In many ways Red Spike is like a cult. It’s in an isolated location that’s cut off from any contact with the outside world. It’s incredibly secretive and the flow of information into and out of the base is highly regulated and highly stratified. Basically, the guys on top, a Moyer or a Coughlin, have a full view of the world and the peons, the cadets, they have a much smaller scope of view and they only really know what their superiors tell them. And, they really don’t have any choice but to believe what they are told and then follow the orders they’ve been given. That’s why when Greg finds what he finds, it’s such a large rupture in his world view. He’s suspicious by nature and then when he learns that he’s being lied to, he loses all trust in his superiors. But there’s nowhere to go. Everyone you know, everyone who you interact with or who is in a position to help you is either ignorant of the lie or complicit in it. Knowing the truth becomes a form of insanity….

I also feel that Moyer himself has a cultish view of Red Spike. It’s his and only his and he views himself as the sort of messianic figure who has shepherded to completion this gigantic step forward in military technology. To him, those on the outside don’t grasp the importance of what he does and the importance of Moyer, himself, in bringing Red Spike to fruition. It’s a cult centered around warfare and technology, or at least, to Moyer, that’s how he views it, and he’s sort of its high priest. Even though Matt and Greg are the ones with the abilities, Moyer views them as subordinate to him, and in the chain of command they are. He also views them as interchangeable pieces in his war machine, which as the story goes on, we learn they really aren’t.

I think this view extends to Fairfield as well. He’s sort of a Daedalus figure, but darker and less heroic, like if Daedalus and Frankenstein got together. On the one hand, he’s clearly a brilliant scientist, but on the other hand, this is a program that uses human guinea pigs and does things that, at the very least, border on being scientifically unethical. But it’s all in devotion to the cause — to Red Spike. And much like a cult, members can easily rationalize actions that on the outside they might consider immoral.

This also has a trickle down effect on Matt and Greg, but especially on Matt who views Moyer almost like a father. Greg’s hand was largely forced in his decision to join Red Spike, but Matt had other options and primarily ended up there as a result of his relationship with Moyer. So there’s elements of seduction, not sexually, but with the promise of money for his mother and power for himself and doing good for the world. Things that someone who is searching for meaning will gravitate towards. And Moyer uses this to draw Matt into his web. And, after a while, Matt is normalized to his abnormal existence and he follows orders from the leaders without question, as does everyone there. It’s a strange mix of group-think and Stockholm syndrome. You even get this sense at the end. But that’s for later…

[Transmission Terminated…]

.RMA and the world of “RED SPIKE”.

May 30, 2011

[Begin Transmission…]

Militaries are constantly trying to evolve, so much so that a term, Revolution in Military Affairs (RMA), has been coined to describe industrialized militaries continuous search for greater efficiency and effectiveness in war. Generally, this term applies both to changes in the technologies used to prosecute wars and in the theory of fighting the war itself. For instance, the Rumsfeld Doctrine is a specific iteration of these ideas as applied to America’s asymmetrical wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan. The idea is to leave as small a “footprint” as possible when fighting the war. That means using smaller units, lighter artillery, and better intelligence and technology in order to minimize casualties and have maximum flexibility during a mission. America’s current and future wars often won’t be fought against countries but rather against terrorist groups. We won’t need a gigantic infantry to invade Germany nor will we need to flatten an entire city with one bomb. Instead we’ll send smaller strike teams into hostile territory in order to eliminate carefully selected targets. Often times this will be done with drones, but what if a drone can’t do the job? Or what if we needed to assassinate someone in Berlin? Paris? Tehran? Somewhere that it would not be permissible to drop a bomb on. That’s where a program like Red Spike would come in.

The Red Spike system is a logical end point for America’s current RMA theories and Matt and Greg, or super soldiers in general, are the embodiment of them. They can be deployed quickly to anywhere in the world. The system allows them to stay at battle-ready alertness for days on end and allows them super strength and speed should they need it. They are small units that pack a wallop and maintain plausible deniability. If we had them, these would be the guys we’d send in to put an end to the shootout in Mumbai.

A big reason for why we chose this current socio-political environment as the setting for RED SPIKE is because it’s an apt climate and the science behind the system falls directly in line with current American military doctrine. The military is shifting to use of Predator drones and LAVs rather than infantry units and heavy tanks. They would view Matt and Greg in this same light: machines of war that can do an optimal job with a tiny footprint.

[Transmission Terminated…]