Creative Team

RIDER & SHILOH STRONG (writers) started making movies the moment their dad came home with a video camera — when they were only two and four years old. This was the beginning of a lifetime of writing and performing. As actors, they have both worked professionally for over twenty years in television, film, and theater. Shiloh won a Dramalogue award for his first play when he was 16 years old, and Rider’s poetry and fiction has appeared in literary journals throughout the country. As a writing/directing team, they’ve toured film festivals with their award-winning short “Irish Twins”, and will soon release their next short film, an homage to geek culture entitled, “The Dungeon Master”.

We’ve always wanted to write a gangster movie — we’re a little obsessed with Scorcese — and BLOOD MERCHANT was a new twist on the genre. But even more than that, BLOOD MERCHANT was an opportunity for us to explore a new storytelling frontier. We’ve always written screenplays, and writing comics is a unique challenge: sort of like directing and writing at the same time. Since we’ve been good friends with Rob Prior for years, it’s been a blast to sit around and geek out with him on the panels, the layouts, and the look — and learn how to best tell a story in this form.

ROB PRIOR (artist)