The World of “MARKSMEN”: How did we get here…

By : June 10, 2011 : CategoryMarksmen

After decades of recession caused by increasingly polarized political factions of the left and right, states that had the most resources seceded in order to survive economically. A civil war broke out that devastated the country’s physical and economic infrastructure and the government collapsed. The destruction of the United States economy sent the US and the rest of the world spiraling into the Big Collapse. Twenty years later, civilization has effectively disappeared except for survivors in those cities that found a way to sustain themselves without outside resources.

One such city, New San Diego, survived by means of an alliance between the navel military stationed in and near the city and the corporate and academic scientists who were confident they only needed time to make the city self sufficient. The early years were filled with chaos and battle as the military fended off gangs from the North and remnants of the Mexican drug cartels from the South.

Eventually, the scientists found a way to power their city, desalinize all the water they needed and feed the populace almost entirely from the ocean. All the inhabitants of NSD were connected by means of Shades, a device that connects everyone in the city via instant social networking and overlays an Augmented Reality over everything people see. The Shades also record everything that is viewed through them and thus have become an invaluable security tool for law enforcement and city security. Most everyone has accepted the “Big Brother” like loss of privacy in exchange for their safety but there are still some individuals who feel uncomfortable with this and use the Shades only when they must.

This includes…DRAKE McCOY, the city’s most decorated Markman, a member of the elite fighting force that defends the city. Drake, a loner, has never fit in with the ubiquitously networked lifestyle of the city and for that reason he has volunteered for as much RECON duty as his commanders will allow him to take. His exploration has never taken him too far from the city but he has been fascinated by other cities that survived the Big Collapse. He’s an adventurer at heart and yearns to see the world or what’s left of it.