.RMA and the world of “RED SPIKE”.

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Militaries are constantly trying to evolve, so much so that a term, Revolution in Military Affairs (RMA), has been coined to describe industrialized militaries continuous search for greater efficiency and effectiveness in war. Generally, this term applies both to changes in the technologies used to prosecute wars and in the theory of fighting the war itself. For instance, the Rumsfeld Doctrine is a specific iteration of these ideas as applied to America’s asymmetrical wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan. The idea is to leave as small a “footprint” as possible when fighting the war. That means using smaller units, lighter artillery, and better intelligence and technology in order to minimize casualties and have maximum flexibility during a mission. America’s current and future wars often won’t be fought against countries but rather against terrorist groups. We won’t need a gigantic infantry to invade Germany nor will we need to flatten an entire city with one bomb. Instead we’ll send smaller strike teams into hostile territory in order to eliminate carefully selected targets. Often times this will be done with drones, but what if a drone can’t do the job? Or what if we needed to assassinate someone in Berlin? Paris? Tehran? Somewhere that it would not be permissible to drop a bomb on. That’s where a program like Red Spike would come in.

The Red Spike system is a logical end point for America’s current RMA theories and Matt and Greg, or super soldiers in general, are the embodiment of them. They can be deployed quickly to anywhere in the world. The system allows them to stay at battle-ready alertness for days on end and allows them super strength and speed should they need it. They are small units that pack a wallop and maintain plausible deniability. If we had them, these would be the guys we’d send in to put an end to the shootout in Mumbai.

A big reason for why we chose this current socio-political environment as the setting for RED SPIKE is because it’s an apt climate and the science behind the system falls directly in line with current American military doctrine. The military is shifting to use of Predator drones and LAVs rather than infantry units and heavy tanks. They would view Matt and Greg in this same light: machines of war that can do an optimal job with a tiny footprint.

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