Character Profile: Sanjo Mayuko

By : June 15, 2011 : CategorySamurai's Blood

NAME: Sanjo Mayuko
GENDER: Female
ALIAS: Motogawa Kimura, Kimura-chan
SPECIALTY: Daggers/Short Swords, Dance, Tea Ceremony

BIOGRAPHY: Mayuko is a woman of great character and great strength, stranded in a world in which men’s sheer physicality gives them control of her destiny. She is a flickering candle, buffeted by the winds, that refuses to snuff out. Growing up in Eiwa, she was part of the rough-and-tumble of farm life, often playing and even fighting with her brother and Katashi. As she neared womanhood, the fights with Katashi became glances filled with longing, and soon enough they were promised to each other. Yet the destruction of the Sanjo Clan tugs at her as well, and she wants her vengeance just as Jun does. These two forces—her love for Katashi and her love for her Clan—threaten to tear her apart, and she will have to find a way to integrate them, even as life and death hang in the balance.